Exploring the Law of Attraction Practices

how to practice the law of attraction

We are well aware that the law of attraction can revolutionize our life for the better. However, most people fail while executing the process as laid out in several personal development books. But the truth is that we can take control of our destiny if we can understand how to practice the law of attraction on a daily basis.
The problem is that most people want a quick solution, a magic pill, when there exists none. Success is the result of a well planned strategy and taking massive action as per the definite Laws of the Universe. We will share, very briefly, what you can do to manifest your dream life.


Step 1 – Be Definite and Certain

During the process of visualization and/or affirmation, be definite. Be certain. Remember your purpose in life and be emotionally involved in the process. If your purpose in life does not become your burning desire, then you can forget about manifesting your goals. It will not work your way. There are definite laws by virtue of which the entire Universe is operating. You have to follow those laws and act accordingly. And then your positive self talk will bear rich dividends for you.

Step 2 – Taking Massive Action

Most people falter on this front. They think that if they follow the Step 1 above, they will be able to lead their dream life. This is not the case. Life is not a bed of roses. You will encounter thorns too. It is during those moments of decision that your destiny will be shaped. Taking wrong decisions is a part of success.
You HAVE TO take massive action on your definite goals in life. When you come across obstacles in your path, it is your purpose that will take you through.

Step 3 – Be Opportunity-Oriented

Having a sceptical mindset will not lead you to your destination even if you follow Step 1 and Step 2 as laid down above. It just doesn’t work that way. You have to develop an abundant mindset and be open for opportunities. You don’t have to grab all of them. All you have to do is be open for opportunities. It is said that opportunity knocks on the door of the searcher.
Once you follow these three basic steps, and then advance to other steps as laid down by Napoleon Hill in his books, there will no dearth of success for you. Also, it is recommended that you have a look at Abundance Arena. They have covered these aspects at length.